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Fire Wire In the Bee Girl’s LOL Factory, or Screen City Here I Come


VMAs Hurricane Edition: Which Clip Will Storm Through The Competition On Sunday Night?

Time to put your money on the table. Will it be Brit’s well-rehearsed post-apocalyptic writhing, Bruno’s pledge of love from the war zone of romance, Adele’s flair for martial beats and passion while sitting, or Katy’s big-assed retainer and its magical party powers? I’m thinking the latter, because we needed a “nerds just want to have fun” moment this year. Hit comments and weigh in.

Say Goodbye To The Next 10 Minutes

Westside’s about to be all Baghdad and shit…I will kick his ass, but the next morning I still wake up white in a city that ain’t…Joe, you been so busy being devious, you done messed around and got yourself caught up in the web…yo, this is my corner, I ain’t running nowhere. Sheeeiiiitttttttt.

And if you like things that lean a bit more towards the classical realm…

Thank You, Internets…

Wonder if the price of you-know-what will go up from Angie’s cheerleading? And of course, below, if you have the time, R-E-M-I-X!!! It’s all in the neck and shoulders, right?

And, please sir, some desert. Please?