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I like the aria middle eight…

Lady Bey’s B’day

stolen from mashable

Thank God For Investigative Reporting

I’ve enjoyed the work of Armando Slice ever since I saw his first report. Glad he had an opportunity to connect with “great human being” Matt Wilson. I’m going to go spin “If I Were a Boy” now.


it’s either this or gaga. which do you think?

Beyonce In Love: 2 Spins Of 1 +1

B’s called “1+1” one of her favorite songs, and she sure sings the hell out of it. The new vid dropped last night. Which performance brings the most heat, the Idol debut or the studio track? One thing’s certain: all that church comes out when she’s on stage.

Of course, there’s always this pre-Idol green room rehearsal that shows of her vocal chops as well. 

Check the reviews of her recent Roseland shows:

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She’s Not Wearing Purple, Though.