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Gutbucket’s Hipster Tie

Chop, chop, chop – that’s the sound of rock-savvy nu bop quartet Gutbucket slicing its way through genreville. Viciously casting an aesthetic net that stretches from Henry Cow to Henry Threadgill to Curlew to Bernard Herrmann to the Soft Machine to Ornette’s Prime Time to the Muffins to Bastro, the band has long boasted a steely aggression and expressionistic wail, with saxophonist Ken Thomson’s horn sounding like a goose being chased by a tornado. Prog-skronk can be a pain at times – all texture, no coordination. But the new Flock (Cuneiform) is just as much about intricacy as it is crunch, bolstering the mayhem with lots of precision and shredding clichés while celebrating racket. A listen to “Tryst ‘n Shout” and/or “Fuck You And Your Hipster Tie” will explain further. They hit NYC tonight, taking over Le Poisson Rouge with Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom.