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But if I get a car, uh, I’m roaming to rob…I’m the shit.

Danger Mouse, Blindfolded.

Was just listening to Rome, Danger Mouse’s spaghetti western collabo with Danielle Luppi (vocals by Jack White and Norah Jones), and was reminded that I once did a blindfold test with Mr. Mouse (Brian Burton) and Damon Albarn around the time Gorillaz’ Demon Days dropped. Here’s their exchange after we spun some EPMD. 

Danger Mouse: [after a minute or so]. It’s EPMD. You can tell from his voice, straight-up. I got into them from their singles. That was in the late ’80s, when I was getting all my hip-hop fed to me through my sister. I was listening to pop and hair metal at the time. I remember her talking about EPMD’s Erick Sermon, and the girls liking him when he was a little skinnier…’88 or so. I never disliked hip-hop, but I was into other stuff back then, trying to fit in – she and I went to different schools, did different things. I love EPMD’s simple delivery and monotone. 

Damon: It sounds pretty contemporary, though. 

Danger Mouse: It’s not unlike the way 50 Cent rhymes: very matter-of-fact. EPMD never get excited. Like Guru from Gangstarr. Straight ahead. Like 50. 

Damon: Except he’s shit. 

Danger Mouse: I don’t hate 50 Cent. 

Damon: Yeah, ‘cause you’re scared of him. He’s got big muscles. 

Danger Mouse: Nope, I love the idea that hip-hop has a record that everybody owns. 

Damon: Well last year they had Eminem.

Danger Mouse: No way. That’s bull. That doesn’t cross over the racial barrier. Black people don’t buy [his stuff]. Even The Game’s record is [embraced by both races]. I don’t like his record that much, but I like the idea that so many people agree on it. Dre and Snoop was the last time that happened.

Damon: Yeah, but that was good. Well, “In da Club” was good, I guess. But you need more than one track. It’s all become so pompous. 

Danger Mouse: I think MCs are doing the same things they always have, but I’m older now; they ain’t rappin’ to me. It’s not exciting to me. It’s for the same 12 – 24 year olds.

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Gorillaz Hit the Two Lane Blacktop

Funny, they don’t look like James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. But Bruce is just as pissed as Warren Oates.

NPR has the entire album for you to drive around.