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Best Thing I’ve Seen Today

Lotta spins of Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” floating around (thanks Kanye). Don’t you dare say this Webcam MC ain’t close to the top.

I, Jukebox

Oh Land, “White Nights”

Stephan Crump & James Carney, Echo, Run, Pray (Clean Feed)

Clare & the Reasons, Live in Amsterdam (Frog Stand)

The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill & Air (Mosaic)

Marty Ehrlich, Fables (Tzadik)

Bruce Springsteen, “Working on the Highway”

Johnny Cash, “Train of Love”

The Hold Steady, “We Can Get Together”

Heavenly, “C Is the Heavenly Option”

Dark, Dark, Dark, “Daydreaming”

Marion Brown, Afternoon of a Georgia Faun (ECM)

Mike Clark, “Water On the Moon”

Susan Cowsill, “You and Me Baby”

Ut, “Evangelist”