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Lovano On Coleman 

“If I hadn’t checked out Ornette, I wouldn’t have been ready to play with Paul Motian. You have to have an open mind to create form within the music rather than repeat a structure. Ornette opened the door to create the form, the orchestration, as you played.” – late 80s, Fort Greene


Old Thom may be lost in dreamy dissonance when it comes to R’head. But he likes the racket of a club now and then. Especially with his pal Lotus. 


Just caught “Rasberry Beret” by the Hindu Love Gods while pulling onto the BQE. Made me miss Zevon’s pop side, made me spin Prince’s original upon returning home, and it made me recall that I was in the studio for a couple days when R.E.M. finalized Out of Time. Here’s the profile I wrote back then. Some R.E.M. freak saved/transcribed. Apologies for the typos (Scott Litt = Scott bitt, etc).