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Esta Mundo Complex, No question about it.


Young Adults Reunion: Are There Any Carpenters Here Tonight?

Those who fondly recall the bent and beautiful side of LaProv back in the ’80s might want to get on board this weekend’s Young Adults reunion.  Cheeks, Sport et al become swinging geniuses once again. Time to break out the brain hat. Here they are telling their own story. 

“Before the Adults, we had the Fabulous Motels, which began at RISD. Actually it was like the Motelian art movement, because it was a group involved in all sorts of stuff: music, painting, theatre. We had a coterie of 20 people trying to take over RISD, and the school was thinking “These are the people that must be expelled.” It was the real fringe gang. It actually started as a film and lecture series, but we couldn’t book that. It would take a year to tell that story. When it ended I moved to Newport, but those guys kept trying to pull me back. Finally I called a meeting at Leo’s and said let’s start another band.  I’m an artist, this is what I do.” – Rudy Cheeks on the start of the Young Adults.

Mark Cutler: Man of Great Courage

“Sometimes my eyes tell me lies/sometimes love is a cruel disguise.” Just wrote about Mark Cutler, one of the best songwriters around. His new Red (75orLess) is a beaut. Grab one for the start of summer.  Here’s a live clip.

Check the entire record on Rhapsody.

Read the Cutler interview.