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DJ/Producer Victor Niglio is one of the most promising young dance producers coming out of Mad Decent’s homeland of Philadelphia, PA. Victor’s remixes of tunes like TJR’s “Ode To Oi” and his multiple collabs with heavy hitters such as Carnage and Martin Garrix have turned the EDM world onto his clean production style.

From the get go, his Jeffree’s debut “Jiggy feat. Mr. Man” tosses you into a sea of flawless drum rolls and kicks that are guaranteed to make everyone on the dance floor shake till sunrise. Mr. Man’s vocals take the instrumental to an even higher level that will have even your Aunt Gertrude getting jiggy up against the wall. Get jiggy y’all.

Victor Niglio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victor-Niglio/290885180927109
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VictorNiglio
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/victorniglio


Music For Yr Staycation 

Sancocho E’ Tigres

Subatomic Sound (NYC) teams up with The Rebel Records (Colombia & Canada) to bring together top Latino Cumbia producers to form an all-star supergroup. Sancocho e’ Tigres is a unique project that redefines how music is created and sold. First by composing loops, and then composing different songs from each other’s loops.  These same producers were behind the first ever cumbia loop package: Cumbia Bass Beats, which included 100+ free loops that they gave away free on countless blogs this year.

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