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Jazz Goes To College

Don’t believe the naysayers: Academia isn’t antithetical to artistic expression— developing technique and studying theory helps nurture a performer’s eloquence. Boston’s NEC has been sending well-schooled improvisers to New York for decades, and for the last few days, teachers and students have taken over clubland. From pianist Anthony Coleman and saxophonist Jeremy Udden at Cornelia Street last week to the McNeil/McHenry squad at Cornelia Street Cafe on Friday night, the action is thick. The must-see gigs include the coolest faculty meeting ever (McNeil, McBee, Garzone, Hart, Carlberg) and a multi-artist bash with a cast that stretches from Ran Blake to Joe Morris to Jason Moran to Matthew Shipp. Don’t forget the nod to big band theorist George Russell. Here’s the full schedule and venues list.

Carrots Galore: Matt Wilson’s Juicy Jive

I knew he was nuts when I first met him. He was putting individual treats under the seats of audience members – a little “thanks for coming out” gesture. Then he invited Ned Sublette to do the auctioneer shtick on Going Once, Going Twice. Then he wrote “School Boy Punk.” Then he sanctioned my loony tunes liner notes for the wondrous Smile. Then he let me narrate “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” at Detour. Then, as you see above, he jammed with a juicer.

Matt Wilson‘s new That’s Gonna Leave a Mark is a pip. With the yin-yang buzz of saxophonists Andrew D’Angelo and Jeff Lederer out front, and the loose-limbed drive of bassist Chris Lightcap and Wilson in the rear, the music crackles, crackles, crackles. Maybe not as much as that carrot.

New Yorkers should know that MWQ is playing at the Jazz Standard on Sept 22 – 23. Here’s the Voice Choice.