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I’m a boarder and I dwell in that second-rate hotel
If I stay here long, I think I’ll go insane;
For I lay here on my bunk and I cannot reach my trunk
And the board I would break a millionaire.

Oh they feed on chicken pie, if you eat it you will die
The meat you cannot cut it with a sword;
Oh, there’s undertakers hangin’ ‘round, for there’s good work to be found
In that all-go-hungry hash house where I board.

Oh, they carried me upstairs one night, you would need a fork and knife
It was something they had never done before;
Oh, the fleas all held me down while the cheesecake scarrped around
In that all-go-hungry hash house where I board.

Oh, the beefsteak it was rare and the butter had red hair
And the baby had its feet both in the stew;
Oh, the eggs you dared not touch, if you kicked one it would hatch
In that all-go-hungry hash house where I go.

Well, she promised she would meet me when the clock struck seventeen
At the stock-yards just five miles outside of town;
Where there’s pig’s feet and pig’s ears, and tough old Texas steers
Sell for sirloin steak at nineteen cents a pound.

She’s my darling, she’s my daisy. She’s hump-backed and she’s crazy,
She’s knock-kneed, she’s bow-legged and she’s lame;
And though they say her breath is sweet, I would rather smell her feet
She’ my freckle-faced consumptive Mary Jane.

Hurley: “the eggs they would not crack/’cause they came from a pterodac” 


Looking in the window, but it’s so dark I don’t see you.

Three Song Set: Hurley, Coleman, Orleans

Here are three pieces I can’t seem to leave behind.

Jingle Jangle Jingle: New Michael Hurley Disc Coming…

Our hero is back in action. New record slated for “this fall.” Here’s the scoop from Snock’s publicist:

Ida Con Snock is the 21st full length album by legendary rambler, cartoonist, and “outsider” folk singer, guitarist Michael Hurley; it’s his second for Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic’s Gnomonsong label.  The new album features Hurley accompanied by NYC’s premier acoustic experimentalists Ida.  Ida Con Snock was recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock and Brooklyn Studios in Brooklyn engineered by Justioan Guip and Andy Taub respectively. Ida Con Snock is being released on Gnomonsong, distributed by Revolver USA. It comes in just in the nick of time for the rabid Snockophile!

Maybe the song after the jump will be part of the program. I didn’t know it was Jocko who robbed the Baltimore train – shoulda figured…

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