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Two-Song Set: Buck & Porter, Sex & Trouble

If you start foolin’ around (especially “from the start,” especially with “two or three”), you might just discover the cold, hard facts of life. Two titans, both  born on August 12.

I, Jukebox

Matorralman, Guateque Estelar (Nacional)

John Lewis, Evolution (Atlantic)

The Convergence Quartet, Song/Dance (Clean Feed)

Harris Eisenstadt, Woodblock Prints (No Business)

Joe Morris/Luther Gray, Creatures (Not Two)

J. Tillman, Singing AX (Western Vinyl)

John Carter & Bobby Bradford, Mosaic Select (Mosaic)

Francis and the Lights, It’ll Be Better (Cantora)

Red Baraat, Chaal, Baby (Sinj)

Vijay Iyer, Solo (ACT)