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PRINCE & 3rdEYEGIRL “She’s Always In My Hair”

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I’m Your Driver And You’re My Screw

I’m Your Driver And You’re My Screw


She’s Not Wearing Purple, Though.



Just caught “Rasberry Beret” by the Hindu Love Gods while pulling onto the BQE. Made me miss Zevon’s pop side, made me spin Prince’s original upon returning home, and it made me recall that I was in the studio for a couple days when R.E.M. finalized Out of Time. Here’s the profile I wrote back then. Some R.E.M. freak saved/transcribed. Apologies for the typos (Scott Litt = Scott bitt, etc). 

Prince Boots Kim: Can’t Sing, Won’t Dance

She wanted to rave un2 the joy fantastic. She wanted to hit a glam slam. She wanted to flaunt some diamonds and pearls (and five inch heels). But she didn’t, she couldn’t. Instead of shaking her groove thing to the funkiest band in New York last last night, Kim Kardashian, who is evidently on the verge of cutting an album (ouch), just stood there looking clueless. The Purple One had a single comment to her overwhelming lameness: Gett Off. ?uestlove tweeted that the Queen of Calabasas was dumped for her “lack of know how.” Kim tweeted that she was “frozen” in Prince’s presence. ” This is what it looks like when doves are scared shit. Time to take some Ke$ha lessons.