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Randy Weston Talks Motherland Pulse

Nice interview with the 84-year-old pianist about African influences on Josh Jackson’s “The Checkout.” Weston brings his music to the Jazz Standard this week. Here’s me urging you on.

And speaking of motherland pulse, Regina Carter’s Reverse Thread is addictive.

Dave Douglas Comes To Your House Tonight

Dave Douglas’s 5tet is back in action at the Vanguard, and it would seem right for jazzers to show up. If you’re not in the city, you can still catch the action via NPR. This just in from Greenleaf Music, DD’s imprint. Tidbit: Uri Caine will be playing acoustic piano.

Tonight, WBGO/NPR will be broadcasting live from the Vanguard.  You can stream the audio from anywhere in the world at NPR.org starting at 9:00PM EST tonight.  If you can’t hear it live, there will be an archive streaming as early as tomorrow.  Josh Jackson’s interview with Dave is up over there now.  Click here to listen.

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Lastly, many of you have been taking advantage of our Holiday Bundles and our deeply-discounted Record of the Day.  The latter updates daily with a new title.  Because these Vanguard dates are acting as record release shows for Dave’s latest release, today we have A Single Sky available for $7 CD | $6 FLAC | $5 MP3.  We hope you take advantage of this one-time offer.

If you are in NYC, make sure to swing by Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, as well. Can’t have too much Randy Weston in your life.