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Planet of Sound

Trompe Le Monde, Pixies’ final album, is something of an aberration in their catalog. Black Francis’s creative control was at its tightest here, and Kim Deal features less prominently than elsewhere. The band itself was tight too — Trompe Le Monde features Pixies’ most professional-sounding instrumental performance. Longtime producer Gil Norton equipped it with crisp, beefy tones that differed noticeably from the ragged sonics of their earlier work.


And NME’s Best Music Video of All Time Is…

Which is a more entertaining clip? Gaga’s “Telephone” or OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass”? Which vid rocks your clever meter, Beastie’s “Sabotage” or Talking Heads’ “Wild Wild Life”? As far as intensity goes, is Metallica’s “Turn the Page” or Hole’s “Doll Parts” the fiercer piece of footage? Don’t worry, you don’t have figure out these tough questions by yourself. The folks at NME have done it for you. Check their list of 100 Best Music Videos (Stereogum’s got a nice presentation of ’em) and see if you’re down with their hierarchy. Bet you don’t guess their top choice before you hit the page.  Nope, it’s not the Janelle Monae joint above…

Fuse’s critic Christopher Weingarten weighs in.