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Jeff Tweedy At The Opera House

Behind the Scenes with Wilco Frontman Jeff Tweedy – September 2011 – St. Louis Magazine from St. Louis Magazine on Vimeo.

This Whole Love, Wilco’s new disc, comes out on Sept 27. Nice that St. Louis magazine got head honcho Jeff Tweedy to strum one of the new tunes, “Dawned On Me,”  in a plush seat at the local Opera House (the singer grew up in local bedroom community Belleville). It’s usually Wilco stringman Nel Cline emoting over a phrase, but see if you can tell when Tweedy makes one of his “guitar faces.” Below you’ll find another song from the new disc.

Here’s the St. Louis Q&A


01 “Art of Almost”
02 “I Might
03 “Sunloathe”
04 “Dawned On Me”
05 “Black Moon”
06 “Born Alone”
07 “Open Mind”
08 “Capitol City
09 “Standing O”
10 “Rising Red Lung “
11 “Whole Love”
12 “One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)”

BTW, you know what Tweedy thinks of dissonance, don’t you?

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