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I’m Hot and Tired And Want to Get Out Of Here


it’s either this or B. which do you think?


it’s either this or gaga. which do you think?

VMAs Collapsed By Popdust

Nice job. I like Brit-Madge smooch better than MJ-LM smooch.

VMAs Hurricane Edition: Which Clip Will Storm Through The Competition On Sunday Night?

Time to put your money on the table. Will it be Brit’s well-rehearsed post-apocalyptic writhing, Bruno’s pledge of love from the war zone of romance, Adele’s flair for martial beats and passion while sitting, or Katy’s big-assed retainer and its magical party powers? I’m thinking the latter, because we needed a “nerds just want to have fun” moment this year. Hit comments and weigh in.

Innocent Douchebags: The Twain Shall Meet

Call her the Judge Judy of YouTube strum-a-longs, making sense of those VMA premieres by Lady Swift and Mista West. The art of the mash-up just took another leap forward. Plus, she’s got a decent voice. Hang in till the end for the Cee-Lo shout out.


Aaron Alexander/Julian Priester, Conversational Music (Conversational)

Ra Ra Riot, The Orchard (Barsuk)

Sufjan Stevens, All Delighted People (Asthmatic Kitty)

Xiu Xiu, Dear God I Hate Myself (Kill Rock Stars)

Best Coast, “When The Sun Don’t Shine” (Mexican Summer)

Jenny & Johnny, “Just Like Zeus” (Warner Bros.)

Various Artists, Once Upon A Time in Senegal:The Birth of Mbalax, 1979-1981 (Sterns)

They Might Be Giants, “Boat of Car” (Bar/None)