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Who Knows What Waits For Us in Nature’s No-Man’s-Land?

Two Song Set: Children Of The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

I, Jukebox

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Tell My Sister (Nonesuch)

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Faith (5 Pasion)

Bill Dixon, Intents and Purposes (International Phonograph)

Beach Boys, Smile (Fast Eddie’s Reconstruction) (b00t)

The Ordinaires, “She’s a Rainbow” (Bar.None)

Ernest Tubb, Lets Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello (Bear Family)

Bruce Springsteen, Tunnel of Love (Columbia)

Russ Lossing,  Oracle (hatOLOGY)

Carla Bley with Phil Woods, “Lost In the Stars” (A&M)

Tim Berne/Bruno Chevillon,  Old and Unwise (Clean Feed)


Where the fuck is Ipanema?


On The Radio


Dot & Betty Wiggin Recall Their Shaggsian Selves

Press it and see. 

Dot & Betty Wiggin Recall Their Shaggsian Selves


Every time the singer-songwriter Bill Callahan puts out a record, you want to listen lyrics-first. His words drip out so slowly that you could stone-carve an album’s worth of them without hitting pause. There’s also usually some evolution there. You want to know what new psychoses and vocabulary and levels of intent his characters have taken on: distanced and bratty; sentimental and sociopathic; dry and metaphysical; grateful and generous. – Ben Ratliff 


JD Allen on the case. I once said the tenor saxophonist was a sensitivo in muscleman’s clothing who could make the most roiling passages reveal their heart. His trio, featuring bassist Gregg August and drummer Rudy Royston, is one of New York’s great combos, consistently refining its confluence of Trane and Ornette into playful suites that often sound larger than they should. Listen to the new Victory! on NPR, and check the band at Le Poisson Rouge on May 18. 

JD Allen chooses five key saxophone trios on Lament For A Straight Line. 

Some Other Woman’s Nightgown In Your Bedroom…

That’s it for Koko Taylor, but what a ride, huh? Luckily we got to see her tear shit up several times in LaProv. Leave your comments about your experience with Ice Men and Wood Men below.  Get hip at Rhapsody.

I, Jukebox

Bob Brookmeyer New Art Orchestra – Waltzing With Zoe

Marshall Crenshaw – Jaggedland

Passion Pit – Manners

Andy Milne & Benoit Belbecq – Where Is Pannonica?

We’re The Big Door Prize

First great weekend day in NYC today. Saw lots of couples with their chemistry rubbing all over the place. Reaffirming, right?

I, Jukebox

Wayne Hancock: “Working At Working”

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society: “Jacobin Club”

Tony Malaby: “Loud Dove”

Air: “The Traveler”

Bob Dylan: “My Wife’s Home Town”

Branford Marsalis: “Jabberwocky”

The Association: “Everything That Touches You”