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“Some people call it schmaltz…” 


Jeffrey Lewis “Williamsburg Will Oldham.”

Not Dead Yet, Not Dead Yet, Not Dead, Not Dead, Not Dead Yet

Peter Stampfel & the Ether Frolic Mob lays claim to Red Hook tonight. The boss told a Philly Web site that his hard-picking crew “sticks its hands up the ass of American music, grabs it by the throat, and pulls it inside-out.”

As I once said somewhere: “There’s great yin/yang at work when the forever whimsical Rounder balances his anything-goes persona against that of the comparatively academic (no diss – who wouldn’t be?) John Cohen. Due to it, this ever-changing gaggle of singers and strummers is unique in the Stampfel resume. Crazed gospel, boo-hoo bluegrass, kids’ songs for adults, giddy swing, Jeannie Scofield‘s barn dance harmonies, and the most arrestingly scratchy fiddle you’ll ever hear. They’ll take a flying leap at anything if it’s old-timey enough.” Shambolar!

Got Peter’s latest?

Come On Boys, Carpe Diem…

He knows about three trillion songs, so there’s probably something in your wheelhouse, regardless of who you are. Red Hook is the place to be tonight. All hail Jalopy. And don’t forget the one and only Paul Geremia is coming on August 15.

Go Ahead And Shoot Me

Best piece of musicianship I’ve seen all week is Peter Stampfel banging the bow against the strings when he references “Turkey In the Straw” at this ancient gig. Be smart and go buy his discs at his MySpace clubhouse.

Who’s got a clip of Chadbourne doing “Tennessee Border”?